The Maintenance Department at Baker Aircraft is here to provide you with the best service our region has to offer. To ensure you receive the quality you deserve, Baker Aircraft has initiated mandatory continued education classes that the mechanics are required to attend. These classes are provided weekly and are at no cost to the mechanic. These classes provide refresher training and an outstanding opportunity for our mechanics to keep current and up-to-date with quality maintenance practices.

Wayne Huey, Director of Maintenance

Shop Rate: Please Call for Pricing

  • Annual Inspections
  • 50 hr/100 hr Inspections
  • Prop/Rotor or Vibration Analysis
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Technical Publishers
  • AD/SB Research
  • Robinson Helicopter Service Center

Baker Aircraft uses OMNI Air Group's award-winning Incident Reporterâ„¢ SMS database to identify hazards to safe operations and needed quality improvements through employee reports, internal audits, and continuous monitoring of daily activities. Safety-risks associated with these hazards and quality issues are then managed using Incident Reporter, which provides email notifications of corrective action plan development, risk control implementation, and other safety and quality improvement tasks.